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The igraph package calculates the betweenness using shortest path between nodes. http://igraph.sourceforge.net/doc/R/betweenness.html

Now I want to calculate the betweenness using the random walk.

A measure of betweenness centrality based on random walks, M. E. J. Newman, Social Networks 27, 39-54 (2005).

I know that NetworkX in python can implement this function. But it turns out the memory error because of the large network I used.

Is there any suggestion about how to calculate betweenness using the random walk?


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After running for three days and nights, the computer finally obtained the result of betweenness using NetworkX.

The graph I used consists of about six thousand nodes and 5 million edges. The RAM of computer is 16G.

The solver is set to “full” (uses most memory), not the default 'lu'.

This link also mentioned the problem of run time using NetworkX to calculate the betweenness based on random walk.

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