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I would like to know how I would be able to connect software to hardware. I would like to take on a small project of hitting a switch and activating/deactivating led lights, a fan, etc. I currently use Java, PHP, JQuery, MySQL, with a basic knowledge or circuitry. Thanks

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You should probably start with something basic like an arduino. You can buy one in a kit. Iirc you can use Java with an arduino plus you can connect via usb. Arduino website: arduino

Another way to go would be to use a microcontroller like a pic. I have used a pic before, and they are not that expensive. However you need to use c or assembly. Also USB is much more difficult. You can use a serial cable with a pic very easily. You can find more about them here: pic microcontrollers

My final suggestion for where to start with this would be getting a Raspberry Pi. It is a really tiny computer which runs linux for very cheap which allows you easy access to input/output pins. More here: Raspberry PI

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Parallel port is an easy way to do this although pretty archaic. A better way would be to purchase some gpio board which has a USB interface.

People at my university often visited sparkfun to accomplish projects like this. I completed a project myself to control lights based on the amount of bass in an audio signal.

All you need is a way to access a GPIO board really.

I used a board which was usb enabled but created a virtual serial port you could just write string commands to. I got the board from numato.com for around $20.

It was very easy to use.

I do not suggest an Arduino as it is probably more than you need for this purpose, and will be more expensive. Arduino is a neat tool though!

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