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I am writing a JSR-168 Portlet to be exposed as a service via WSRP on the WebSphere Portal Server... is there a good tool I could use to test the WSRP service on my desktop? I'm looking for something that would be considerably less hassle than installing Sharepoint and getting its WSRP module to work.

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Apache Pluto, or Sun's reference portal would be the most lightweight containers to test things out locally. Here is an introduction:

You can also download Liferay, a full-featured open source portal which has easy WSRP configuration and is less of a hassle to get running than Sharepoint. For more technical testing, I would use SoapUI and test the individual service calls. Something I probably need to write a blog post about one day ;)

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Soap UI has been pretty helpful in this regard. I didn't realize Pluto could support WSRP. – Spike Williams Feb 1 '10 at 18:24

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