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Here my situation.

I am building a RESTful webservice that recieve data from client, then create an Event from this data, then I want to push this new Event to celery to process it asynchrously.

I use pyramid to build RESTful webservice, and pyramid_celery to make pyramid & celery work together.

Here my view's source code:

# This code recive data from client, then create a new record Event from this

posted_data = schema.deserialize(request.POST.mixed())

e = Event()

print "Commited #%d" % # code mark 01
fire_event.delay( # fire_event is a celery task
logging.getLogger(__name__).info('Add event #%d to tasks' %

and here's my task's source code:

def fire_event(event_id):
    e = DBSession.query(Event).get(event_id)

    if e is None:

    print "Firing event %d#%s" % (event_id, e)"Firing event %d#%s", event_id, e)

If I use default code from pyramid's alchemy scaffold, an exception will be raised at code mark 01 line. The exception like that :

DetachedInstanceError: Instance <Event at ...> is not bound to a Session; ...

from ZopeAlchemy document, to avoid this exception I configure the DBSession like that:

DBSession = scoped_session(sessionmaker(

Now my problem is the pyramid keep transaction with my MySQL server after my RESTful request finish. When the RESTful request finish, I go to MySQL Server and run command:

SHOW engine innodb status;

and from its result, I see this:

--TRANSACTION 180692, ACTIVE 84 sec
MySQL thread id 94, OS thread handle 0x14dc, query id 1219 [domain] [ip] [project name] cleaning up
Trx read view will not see trx with id >= 180693, sees < 180693

that means Pyramid still keep the connection, it's ok but Pyramid starts a transaction also, it's a problem. This transaction can make me in a lock when I try to use another tool to access my MySQL Server.

My question is :

How can I make Pyramid close the transaction as soon as RESTful request finish. If I cann't, is there another solution for my situation?

Thanks a lot.

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Celery maintains an illusion of "transparently" running your code as a task - you decorate your function with @task, then use my_function.delay() and everything magically works.

In fact, and it's a bit tricky to realize, your code runs in a completely different process, possibly on another machine, possibly minutes/hours later, and there is no Pyramid request/response cycle exist in that process, so ZopeTransactionExtension can not be used to automatically commit transaction in the working process when request finishes - because there is no request, just one long-running worker process.

So it is not Pyramid leaving unfinished transactions hanging - it's your worker process. The transaction is started by SQLAlchemy when you call e = DBSession.query(Event).get(event_id) and never finishes.

Here I wrote a longer answer to a similar question with more details: - the point is to use a different session for your worker process

Another thing is that it is better to avoid using transaction.commit() in your Pyramid code at all because of the objects expiring and other ugliness. In pyramid it is possible to invoke a function after the request finishes - I wrote a function which registers a callback which invokes a celery task from there:

from import after_end
import transaction

def invoke_task_after_commit(task_fn, task_args, task_kwargs):
    This should ONLY be used within the web-application process managed by repoze.tm2
    otherwise a memory leak will result. See
    for more details.
    t = transaction.get()  # the current transaction

    def invoke():

    after_end.register(invoke, t)

(I removed a lot of irrelevant code from the function so there might be typos etc. Treat as pseudocode)

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I'm sorry that I'm new to Python & Pyramid. I got this error when try to implement your function: from import after_end ImportError: No module named tm I know that I'm missing some packages from that. If you have another tutorial or answer, please introduce it to me, I'm still a newbie. Thanks a lot. – Tarzan Jul 8 '13 at 4:27
Thank you, you help me alot. I changed a bit from your answer, I attach to SQLAlchemy events instead of repoze's. Then I use different DBSessions for pyramid & celery. I solved my problem, thanks a lot. – Tarzan Jul 9 '13 at 4:59

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