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I am trying to run HabitRPG on Heroku because I don't have root access in the machines in my school's library to install the dependencies.

The wiki to HabitRPG gives instructions on how to run it on a localmachine, but does not talk about running it on Heroku. I understand that HabitRPG used to run on Heroku, but lefnire had to move it.

What am I facing here? How much work am I looking at to run on Heroku? Have they not given instructions to deploy it because they don't want people to? Any help would be appreciated.

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BIG thank you for bringing my attention to HabitRPG. It's friggin awesome! As per your question: ask on the GitHub project page. – janos Jul 6 '13 at 5:50
Given that it has a Procfile and package.json, it is likely that it will just work out of the box on Heroku. Try cloning it and pushing it to a new Heroku app. – ryanbrainard Jul 9 '13 at 5:16

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