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I've used var.split("_"); here. Example of a value I'm trying to get would be: 2_25000

However, below code results a NaN value.

function calculateTotal() {
    var room_type_id = document.getElementById('room_type_id').value;
    var room_type_cost = room_type_id.split("_");

    var meal_type_id = document.getElementById('meal_type_id').value;
    var meal_type_cost = meal_type_id.split("_");

    var bed_type_id = document.getElementById('bed_type_id').value;
    var bed_type_cost = bed_type_id.split("_");

    var ext_beds_id = document.getElementById('ext_beds_id').value;
    var reservation_duration = document.getElementById('reservation_duration').value;

    document.getElementById('total_amount').value = ( Number(room_type_cost[1]) + Number(meal_type_cost[1]) + Number(bed_type_cost[1]) + Number(ext_beds_id) ) * Number(reservation_duration);
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you may use number() function or parseInt() function but remember to also pass the base 10 second parameter in parseInt("23", 10), also you can prefix + symbol to convert it to integer. for i.e., +"23" + 2

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I followed your suggestion. It worked! Weirdly though, now it passes correct calculation if I select #meal_type_id input (multiselect) in the first place. If I select #room_type_id or #bed_type_id dropdowns, it gives a NaN. –  Madhawa Ratnayake Jul 6 '13 at 5:23

Try this one............




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