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I need help plotting a differential equation ... it keeps coming out all funky and the graph is not what it's supposed to look like.

function [dydt] = diff(y,t)

dydt = (-3*y)+(t*(exp(-3*t)));


tI = 0;
yI = -0.1;
tEnd = 5;
dt = 0.5;

t = tI:dt:tEnd;
y = zeros(size(t));
y(1) = yI;

for k = 2:numel(y)
    yPrime = diff(t(k-1),y(k-1));
    y(k) = y(k-1) + dt*yPrime;

grid on
legend(['dt = ' num2str(dt)])

That's my code, but the graph is not anything like what it's supposed to look like. Am I missing something like an index for the for statement?


I am getting an error:

Error using diff
Difference order N must be a positive integer scalar.

Error in diff3 (line 12)
    yPrime = diff(t(k-1),y(k-1));
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You have problems with function names: matlab already have build-in function 'diff' and try to call this function instead your own function. Try to use different name for your function 'diff'. –  Danil Asotsky Jul 6 '13 at 7:49
Your other problem is that your ODE function is defined as diff(y,t) but you're calling with the arguments flipped: diff(t(k-1),y(k-1)). I'd recommend following what Matlab's ODE solvers do (e.g., ode45) and defining your ODE function's arguments as t, and then y. You'll also find out that your time-step, dt, is too large, even for this simple function. Try 0.1 or less. –  horchler Jul 6 '13 at 14:55
You're also going to want your ODE function to be a sub-function (or a separate M-file function) rather than being that the beginning of your code as you have it shown here. –  horchler Jul 6 '13 at 15:19
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