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i have a query to retrieve data from current month and previous month..add_months(month,-1) used to get the previous month's data. But there is an year problem in the case of January. If current month is January 2013, i need December 2012 as previous month. But its showing December 2013. How can i correct it ?

see query:

    FROM ot_day_coll_head, ot_day_coll_items,OM_SALESMAN
    WHERE olcd_olch_sys_id = olch_sys_id
       AND olch_sm_code=SM_CODE
       AND to_char(olch_doc_dt, 'Month')=TO_CHAR(ADD_Months(to_date('January','MM'),-1),'Month') 
       AND to_char(olch_doc_dt,'YYYY')='2013';
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Your query is forcing it to only look at 2013. You don't need to compare the year and month elements separately:

   AND to_char(olch_doc_dt, 'YYYY-MM')
       = TO_CHAR(ADD_Months(to_date('2013-01','YYYY-MM'),-1),'YYYY-MM')

Presumably you'll just substitute sysdate for the to_date() call since your question refers to the current month.

Quick SQL Fiddle.

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Or trunc(olch_doc_dt,'mm') = add_months(trunc(sysdate, 'mm'), -1) – Ben Jul 6 '13 at 9:43
... and put an index on the to_char(olch_doc_dt, 'YYYY-MM') or trunc(olch_doc_dt,'mm') – David Aldridge Jul 6 '13 at 9:50

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