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I have a little problem populating a datagrid via select list on LINQ. the thing is, i need these two filters to get the right list, and those filters are:
"ventilador" (PK = cod_ventilador) and "procesador" (PK = cod_procesador) must not exist on "Overclock" (PK = id) the database is pretty simple: both ventilador and procesador are products (Productos) and, when you do an overclock using one of each (*?) you'll add a new Overclock which have the PK of both items... So here is the code i've tried


    var pregunta1 = db.OverClock.Select(x => x.cod_procesador).Distinct().ToList();
    var pregunta2 = db.OverClock.Select(x => x.cod_ventilador).Distinct().ToList();

    dgSinOver.ItemsSource =
            .Where(x=>x.Procesador!=pregunta1 && x.Ventilador!=pregunta2)
            .Select(x => x.marcar)


it's clearly impossible to compare a single cod_procesador(PK on Productos) with a list of codigos (PK on overclock). Any ideas?

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You need to use the Contains method:

dgSinOver.ItemsSource = db.Producto.Where(x=>!pregunta1.Contains(x.Procesador) && !pregunta2.Contains(x.Ventilador)).Select(x => x.marcar).Distinct().ToList();

(that is, if I understood your question correctly).

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