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Lately with help of SOF I wrote simple slider for my webpage. I need to run a few sliders with different settings. I need to merge arrays with settings put in class constructor. Settings placed in here should overwrite default settings.

My code:

var MiniSlider = function(objId, settings)
    this.obj = $("#" + objId);
    var self = this;

    self.obj.settings = {
        items: $("ul li", self.obj).length,
        autoChangeTime: 8000,
        animation: 'horizontal'

        $.merge(self.obj.settings, settings)
    ... rest of the code at link [1]

And invocation:

new MiniSlider("mini-slider-2", [{animation: 'vertical'}]);

With this I get that: Firebug console.log of self.obj.settings

Animation should be set to 'vertical'. A also tryied:

new MiniSlider("mini-slider-2", {animation: 'vertical'});

This don't work too. Any advices how to merge this?

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$.merge is for arrays. You should use $.extend (because settings is an object)

$.extend(self.obj.settings, settings)

and invocation

new MiniSlider("mini-slider-2", {animation: 'vertical'});
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