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My applications is in portrait view only.

I am taking an image from camera and showing it to image view from UIImagePickerController. Now if I rotate the device then it takes the picture in landscape view and image dimensions change from 1936*2592(that is for portrait) to 2592*1936.

Now I want to display the same image in my portrait view exactly like the default camera do.

Please tell me how can I do that?
or is it possible to lock UIImagePicker to portrait only?

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You can resize your image

- (UIImage *)imageByScalingToSize:(CGSize)targetSize

    UIImage *sourceImage = yourImage;
    UIImage *newImage = nil;

    CGFloat targetWidth = targetSize.width;
    CGFloat targetHeight = targetSize.height;

    //   CGFloat scaleFactor = 0.0;
    CGFloat scaledWidth = targetWidth;
    CGFloat scaledHeight = targetHeight;

    CGPoint thumbnailPoint = CGPointMake(0.0,0.0);

    // this is actually the interesting part:


    CGRect thumbnailRect = CGRectZero;
    thumbnailRect.origin = thumbnailPoint;
    thumbnailRect.size.width  = scaledWidth;
    thumbnailRect.size.height = scaledHeight;

    [sourceImage drawInRect:thumbnailRect];

    newImage = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext();

    if(newImage == nil) NSLog(@"could not scale image");

    return newImage ;
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Hi,Thanks for the suggestion but I have already tried this method, If width>height then it will fix the image according to that and I will get width more than height according to aspect ratio and I will be left with blank space in UIImageView – Rahul Jul 7 '13 at 4:30

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