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I have actually created a modal pop-up which pops up when someone clicks on an element on my website.

However it always pops up at the top of the page / bottom of the page (where I have inserted the code.) Fixed, also isn't a good solution, as if the modal is long, it cannot be readed.

I basically want it to pop up for example 50px lower than the current window, so it will always pops up to the user, he/she doesn't have to scroll down/up.

Is there any plugin to solve this solution, in jQuery?

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The modal plugin from Twitter Bootstrap will always popup the modal in the center of your screen. You might be able to position this differently, but I'm not sure. –  Jeroen Vannevel Jul 6 '13 at 14:00

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Google search for: 'jQuery modal popup' gave me this http://dinbror.dk/bpopup/ – looks exactly like what you need.

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