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I am going through a tutorial that uses html for its view engine, I am working on jade and just wanted to know what this would become in a jade page.


I tried this but it tells me that the everything inside the brackets are undefined, even though the userTemplate id is being called in the main.js file.

script(src='/js/main.js', type='text/javascript')
script(id='userTemplate', type='text/template')
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<%=firstName%> is ERB style, isn't it? – moonwave99 Jul 6 '13 at 14:28
What is ERB style, and this actually works I had a spacing issue, so I had to keep it all <%=firstName%><%=lastName%><%=email%><%=phone%><%=birthday%><%=city%> thanks! – Lion789 Jul 6 '13 at 14:33

<%= is for a javascript template mostly likely Underscore. The problem is Jade is interpreting your javascript template as Jade. I believe you just need to add a | to the beginning of the line and Jade will directly output that line without interpreting it.

script(id='userTemplate', type='text/template')
    | <%= firstName %> <%= lastName %>

Alternatively I believe you can add a . after the script line and it does the same thing.

script(id='userTemplate', type='text/template').
    <%= firstName %> <%= lastName %>

Check out the documentation under Tag Text for more information about it.

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