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I have a UIViewController that is embedded in a navigation controller. The navigation controller has a switcher with 2 items on it.

First item shows a UICollectionView with images, and the second UICollectionview needs to show an Image with some description text.

I have assigned the delegates in the ViewController for these two UICollectionViews to self.When the Viewloads, the first UICollectionView shows all the images. When I click on the second switcher item, none of the delegate methods like numberOfItemsInSection, cellForItemAtIndexPath gets triggered.

In viewDidLoad I hide the second UICollectionView and when the user hits the second switcher, I hide the first UICollectionView and unhide the second UICollectionView.

I cant figure out what is the issue. I tried using a [self.secondCV setNeedsDisplay] to trigger a redraw, but that dosent seem to work as well.

Anyone who has tried doing something similar or can explain what I might be doing wrong here ?

Thanks, Abhishek

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You debugged to check that the delegate relationship was set at runtime? And you called reloadData on the second collection view? –  Wain Jul 6 '13 at 14:42
Yes it was a copy paste error. I was setting the delegate but not the datasource. So it works now ... –  DrBug Jul 6 '13 at 14:43

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