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As a longtime procedural programmer, I finally made the switch to OOP/MVC in combination with Yii. I don't regret it at all, but I have a question which may be obvious.

In my model, generated by GII, I define rules and aliasses replacing values. Now I want the 'currency' value to only allow input specified in the aliasses. Ofcourse I can do something like is_number, greater that 0 and smaller than 4, but in that case I will have to update my code all the time when a new currency is added. Is there an easier way to do the input validation based on the defined values?

class Affiliateprograms extends CActiveRecord

 //define rules
 public function rules()
  return array(array('currency', 'required'));

 //set aliases
 public static function itemAlias($type,$code=NULL)
  $_items = array('currency' => array('1' => 'US Dollar','2' => 'Euro','3' => 'Yen'));
  if (isset($code))
   return isset($_items[$type][$code]) ? $_items[$type][$code] : false;
   return isset($_items[$type]) ? $_items[$type] : false;

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You can use the builtin in validator (actually a CRangeValidator).


You need to insert the right $type of course.

Side note: Please reconsider your indenation style - it's pretty unusual and makes your code hard to read ;)

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Thank you, this has pointed me in te right direction. Instead of array_values, I figured out I need to use array_keys tho. – dirk Jul 8 '13 at 13:49
Oh, right. Fixed, thx. – Michael Härtl Jul 8 '13 at 13:55

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