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I have this solution for a single button:

myButton.Attributes.Add("onclick", "this.disabled=true;" + GetPostBackEventReference(myButton).ToString());

Which works pretty well for one button, any ideas on how to expand this to 2 buttons?

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You could add an clientside onSubmit handler, or you could do this:

myButton.Attributes.Add("onclick", "this.disabled=true; document.getElementById('" 
+ button2.ClientID + "').disabled = true;" 
+ GetPostBackEventReference(myButton).ToString());
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This answer is probably better syntax wise. –  Ian Jacobs Oct 6 '08 at 16:34
Whats the quoting on this single quotes around double quotes? For the getElementById –  Brian G Oct 6 '08 at 17:03
GetElementById takes a string, hence the single quotes. –  FlySwat Oct 6 '08 at 17:07

Change the javascript to reference the other button as well.

var btn1 = document.GetElementById('btn1ID');
var btn2 = this;

btn1.disabled = true;
btn2.disabled = true;

If the buttons are in a naming container, you'll need to use the .NET object's property called ClientID to get the html ID of the element.

var btn1 = document.GetElementById('<%= btn1.ClientID %>');

I suggest wrapping these in a script tag and a function, then just call the function from your .NET attribute addition.


btn2.Attributes.Add("onclick", "handleClick();")


<script type="text/javascript">
    function handleClick() {
        var btn1 = document.GetElementById('<%= btn1.ClientID %>');
        var btn2 = this;

        btn1.disabled = true;
        btn2.disabled = true;


<asp:Button id="btn1" runat="server" text="Button 1" />
<asp:Button id="btn2" runat="server" text="Button 2" />
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It would be simpler to use Jonathan Holland's solution. –  EndangeredMassa Oct 6 '08 at 17:07

Change the command to:

myButton.Attributes.Add("onclick", "this.disabled=true;document.getElementbyID("Button2").disabled=true;" + GetPostBackEventReference(myButton).ToString());
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You should use ClientID in case the button is inside a naming container. –  EndangeredMassa Oct 6 '08 at 16:36

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