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i have this table and i want to get result below

prod_feat_val Table:

**id**    **prod_id**   **feat_id**      **value**
   1         34             20          touch screen
   2         34             25            stamina
   3         34             27           Android 1.6

   4         12             20             keypad
   5         12             27             android

   6         45             20              touch
   7         45             27             android 4

i want to make query that return prod_id(s) by searching in feature value (value). example: search for items that have android OS and touch Screen keyboard..it mean return this:


my query is like than below:

SELECT prod_id FROM prod_feat_val 
(feat_id = '27' AND value Like '%android%' ) AND (feat_id = '20' AND value Like '%touch%')
GROUP BY prod_id

I think my query is basically wrong, any idea? if i replace middle AND with OR then my result may be corrupted (return 34,12,45 ::: Its BAD) ...

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It needs to be OR but you've misspelt touch.

You have also stated that you want the result to be 34, 45 but your query is searching for 27 and 20.

You could use SELECT DISTINCT prod_id rather than GROUP BY but it is not a big deal.

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if i replace OR instead middle AND, result change to prod_id: 34,12,45 –  mreza Jul 6 '13 at 16:05

You should use something like this:

SELECT prod_id
FROM prod_feat_val 
  (feat_id = '27' AND value Like '%android%' )
  OR (feat_id = '20' AND value Like '%touch%')
  COUNT(DISTINCT feat_id)=2

Since the features you are looking for are on different rows, you need to use OR.

Then you need to group by product_id and count the number of distinct features, and it has to be 2.

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thanks. it work good when we know count of feat_id in search (here:2)....but i think there is a better way to solve this problem! –  mreza Jul 6 '13 at 17:16
if you need to get all products that have all of the features, you need to know how many features you are looking for and you need to do a count. you might skip the distinct clause if (prod_id,feat_id) are unique –  fthiella Jul 6 '13 at 17:21

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