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I am chaing multiple MapReduce jobs, and only in one iteration (the 81st) am I running into this error. I store the (key,value) pair in a ConcurrentHashMap, and upon iterating over them, the stored pairs appear different than the originally entered ones. Specifically, I check that for all pairs, K<=V.length(). All pairs do satisfy this condition, but once I read the pairs again from the HashMap, there is one pair violating it.

Here is my code:

    for (StockValue value : values) { //StockValue has (Text first, Text second)
      String location = key.getSecond().toString();
      int loc = 0;
      try {
        loc = Integer.parseInt(location);
      } catch (Exception e) {
      assignVal(origReads,loc,value); //origReads is a ConcurrentHashMap<Integer,StockValue>

    for (Integer location : origReads.keySet() ) {

      int loc = location.intValue();

      for (StockValue val : origReads.get(location)){

        String read = val.getSecond().toString();
        String flag = val.getFirst().toString();

        if (contigs.isEmpty()) {  //contigs is a ConcurrentHashMap
        else { //do some processing}

    public static <Integer, StockValue> void assignVal(
      ConcurrentHashMap<Integer,List<StockValue>> map, Integer key, StockValue value) {

      List<StockValue> values = map.get(key);
        values=new ArrayList<StockValue>();

I didn't include the else processing, because the error is occuring when contigs.size()==2, before reaching that block.

In fact, upon printing origReads, I am seeing that one of the two values has been copied, while the keys remain the same (hence why K>value.length() for one pair).

I am unsure why this is only happening in one iteration, when surely there were reducers receiving only 2 values before. Is it possible that there are colliding hash values effecting this? I have been stuck on this for a while.

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Interesting, why do you need a concurrent hashmap? Can you show us the complete reducer code? You seem to got tricked by the object reuse, make a copy of your StockValue in your for loop. –  Thomas Jungblut Jul 6 '13 at 20:30
I can show the entire code if necessary, but please explain the object reuse? What would making a copy do? –  Jim Prahn Jul 8 '13 at 2:13

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