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Hai guys, how to connect to a sql server database in mvc ... I know it can be done easily in web application using web.config and in the aspx page System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["database"].ConnectionString;

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Why do you think that won't work in an MVC app? Have you tried it? –  Sixten Otto Nov 17 '09 at 17:42
no i am just a beginner can you guide me with a method that does it... –  Oscar Nov 17 '09 at 18:12

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You can connect to a database in MVC the same way you would in an web app. There's no difference, save that in a web app you have a code behind, and in MVC you have a controller and presumably a model. Other than that, creating a connection to your database is completely up to you.

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plz guide me how it is done in mvc –  Oscar Nov 17 '09 at 18:18

I would suggest using an ORM (Such as Linq to SQL)... in addition to SQL server so you can take full advantage of the "M" model part of MVC...

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