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I was looking for it all night, but it seems that the project type is not on vs 2010.

But the main problem is, I want to make a custom control (or a user control compiled to a dll, if vs 2010 does not have the custom control library feature). Unluckily, I was not able to find any article for 2010 but only for 2008, which is pretty much different from the 2010 IDE.


How will I be able to create a custom control in vs2010? Thanks in advance.

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thanks mjv. :-) –  ace Nov 18 '09 at 0:30

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It seems there are big differences between VS2005 and VS2010 concerning ascx controls. Most of the solutions I found while researching this problem for a project I'm working on deal with VS2005 and cannot be translated to VS2010.

However, I found and described a solution on my blog (introduction, implementation) to implement User Control libraries in VS2010.

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Have you tried the process listed in that article? It should still work in VS2010. I'm surprised Microsoft recommends that process, however. It's a bit of a hack. I've tried it in the past and found it unreliable.

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Some of the steps on this article are not applicable to vs 2010 (or they might have a different way of doing it, but are not listed so). Thanks for the response =) –  ace Nov 18 '09 at 0:16

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