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I am facing weird issue with view hierarchy. With my view hierarchy my navigation controller is not popping back with animation even I am setting it to pop back with animation.

Here is my view hierarchy:

  1. My first view is a subclass of UIViewController with parentViewController a UINavigationController. I then push a Paging controller in it where the complexity starts.
  2. PagingViewConroller is a subclass of UIViewController with a UIScrollViewController supporting horizontal swiping.
  3. UIScrollViewController holds a View controller with its own navigation bar. I need a new UINavigationController for each view because each view inside paging controller will have different navbar items.
  4. Now, on each view inside pagination controller I can tap and push a new view in the hierarchy. Once pushed I stop swipping. This new view is pushed on the viewcontroller which is currently seen on screen. For example, if pagination controller contains 10 views and user swipes to go to 5th view and tap on it then new view is pushed on 5th UINavigationController.
  5. When I tap on back button on the newly pushed view, it returns back to the 5th navigation view controller but without animation. It looks very weird.

Any idea if something can be improved.

    MyPagingController *aViewController = [[MyPagingController alloc] initWithData:myData];
    [self.navigationController pushViewController:aViewController animated:YES];

// First put NULL objects for all pages in paging controller
//for loop
[self.viewControllers insertObject:[NSNull null] atIndex:0];

// Then create individual page and replace it in self.viewControllers
MyPageController *aViewController = [[MyPageController alloc] initWithRequestData:aRequestData];
UINavigationController *aNavigationController = [[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:aViewController];
[self.viewControllers replaceObjectAtIndex:page withObject:aNavigationController];

// Now show the page view controller's view
    UINavigationController *aNavigationController = [self.viewControllers objectAtIndex:self.currentPage];
    if ((NSNull *)aNavigationController != [NSNull null]) {
        [aNavigationController beginAppearanceTransition:YES animated:YES];
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A sample project would be helpful to help identifying an issue. –  egdmitry Jul 7 '13 at 4:55
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