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I want to make it as efficient as possible.

I have a category, which has many products, which has properties, which has values. Lets say I want to take a category and look at it's product's properties' values.

I know I can make the following:

var products = session.QueryOver<Category>().Where(x => x.Type == 2).Fetch(x => x.Products).List();

Now if I try to access all products properties' values I run into the N+1 problem.. for each product nhibernate creates a database hit for its properties, then for each product property it makes another hit for its values.

What can be done to fetch values for a depth higher then 1? Is it even possible? How can I optimize my code in such situation?

I know it's possible in 1 to 1 to many.. but the problem arises when I have 1 to many to many, also, I'm aware of the problematic cartesian product generated from a join query for such a task, I don't mind having 3-4 database hits, 1 for fetching the category, 1 for products, 1 for properties and 1 for values.

I've tried to think about a way to generate a hit to the database that will get all the product properties and properties values and somehow make nhibernate aware of it in its first level cache.. but even if I knew how to do so it won't be an optimal solution.

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