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I am looking for a unique id accessible for a bluetooth low energy device from iOS. I have 10 devices and i placed it in 10 different places. I exactly need to know to which device i am communicating irrespective of the iOS device i am using to connect.

In the iOS core bluetooth, a new UUID is assigned by iOS for my device. I am not able to uniquely identify the device.

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I have used the MAC address of the peripheral to generate a unique name in SCAN RESP. I guess you could also use this approach and maybe also put it in the advertisement data or in a message. (My peripheral was based on TI's 2540 SoC.)

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To my knowledge MAC/BDADDR is not accessible via CoreBluetooth, but I noticed that the "Device Information Service" profile (0x180A) contains a "System ID" attribute (0x2A23) which encodes the device's unique MAC/BDADDR address. I don't know if it is mandatory for a BLE device to expose this service, however.

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Use Major and Minor properties in CLBeacon. Both are 4 char hex values.

They are located in advertisement data with UUID.

More info:

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