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I've got an intricate SVG path composed of many segments defined with M#,#L#,# M#,#L#,#. I'd like to animate the drawing of this path, but in the order that they're listed. I've tried the solutions listed here: Can't make paths draw slowly with D3 , but they draw each segment of the path in parallel. How do I modify this so that they're animated sequentially?

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D3 transitions have a delay() function that allows you to specify when to start the animation. You can use this to start drawing successive path segments after the previous ones have been drawn. You could also use the transition's end event to start the next transition after the previous one finishes. This way, you don't even have to specify the delay.

Alternatively, you could animate the path in SVG itself without Javascript. See here for an example of this. All you need to do is basically append an animate element to the path that tells it how to draw it.

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