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I am creating a UI in Qt that has a QDockWidget containing a QPushButton and QLineEdit. Please refer to the attached mock-up. I have created the widget components and successfully got them up and running. However they are not positioned the way I want them to. Both the elements should float to the left making the extra space to the right stretch when the window is resized.

Mock up

The code-

this->searchField = new QLineEdit;         //"this" is a QDockWidget subclassed Object
mainMenu = new Menu();                    
QHBoxLayout *layout= new QHBoxLayout;
QSpacerItem *filler = new QSpacerItem(1000, 10);

Any suggestion or help would be awesome! Thanks for your time :)

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void QBoxLayout::addStretch ( int stretch = 0 )

Adds a stretchable space (a QSpacerItem) with zero minimum size and stretch factor stretch to the end of this box layout.

So this is what your new code would look like:

this->searchField = new QLineEdit;
mainMenu = new Menu();                    
QHBoxLayout *layout= new QHBoxLayout;
layout->addStretch(); // Added this

Hope that helps.

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