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I've been hitting the soft memory limit and after much querying around here I found another person with the same issue and Nick Johnson identified that his models were too large. How can I best refactor (i.e. break up) my models?

My current model has 37 properties with many lists.

class CurrentModel(db.Model): #currently has 37 properties
    mystring = db.StringProperty()
    mylist = db.ListProperty()

I was thinking maybe I could break it up as such - but would this save memory?

class ProposedModel(db.Model): #core properties
    mystring = db.StringProperty()
class ExtendedModel(db.Model): #extended properties
    parent_model = db.ReferenceProperty(ProposedModel)
    mylist = db.ListProperty()
    mylist1 = db.ListProperty()
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It depends. What are your models actually doing? Whether it makes sense to split them, and how, will depend entirely on the queries and operations you need to perform. –  Greg Jul 7 '13 at 10:33
My models have general descriptive properties, and it seems like I need them all for each uses; so in essence I'd be calling the extended model each time anyway. If this saves no memory then I may as well keep them together. –  user1961 Jul 7 '13 at 23:02

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