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I need a small help with a SQL query.

I have two tables: tbltrans and tbltrans_temp. I want to select the maximum of tbltrans_temp max(tbltrans_temp.transid).

If tbltrans_temp is empty and it returns null, it should then take the max of tbltrans.transid.

If both tables are empty, it should just return 0.

I tried the following but didn't get the result expected.

select ifnull(ifnull(max(t1.transid), max(t2.transid)), 0)  
from tbltrans_temp t1 
left join tbltrans as t2
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Is this SQLServer or SQLite? –  Mark Bannister Jul 6 '13 at 20:39
@MarkBannister -- I would guess SQLite as SQL Server doesn't support IFNULL. However, both should support COALESCE. –  sgeddes Jul 6 '13 at 20:41

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This works using COALESCE:

select coalesce(maxtemptrans, maxtrans, 0)
from (select max(transid) maxtemptrans from tbltrans_temp) t, 
    (select max(transid) maxtrans from tbltrans ) t2 
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select coalesce((select max(transid) from tbltrans_temp),
                (select max(transid) from tbltrans),
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You were close -- just remove the join:

select ifnull(ifnull(max(t1.transid), max(t2.transid)),0)  
from tbltrans_temp t1, tbltrans t2


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