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In Rails/Haml

I know this works

%i.class{:class => (name ? "arrow-up" : "arrow-down")} 

I also know that I can make a helper function

%i.class{:class => (getArrowClass name)}

def getArrowClass value
if value == 1
   return 'arrow-up'
elsif value == 0
  return 'arrow-down'
  return ''
end #getArrowClass

For some reason, whenever I do the helper way it messes up my view (tables don't stick to their places), so now my question is how can I do the if elsif else in the class using the first method.

something like that

%i.class{:class => (if name then "arrow-up" elsif "arrow-down" else "")} 
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Please try with

%i.class{:class => ((name == 1) ? "classup" : (name == 0) ? "classdown" : "")}
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Thanks! I'm completely clueless with css stuff!!! –  nevermind Jul 6 '13 at 20:56

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