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I am trying to find any permutation of a list inside another Dictionary with tuples.

For example, what would be the best way to find any combination of [1,2,3] inside of a Dictionary which is formatted like this: {(1,3,2):'text',(3,1,2):'text'}.

The only matches that would qualify for [1,2,3] would be (1,2,3),(1,3,2),(2,1,3),(2,3,1),(3,2,1),(3,1,2).

Matches that wouldn't qualify include Lists that don't contain all of the items (For example: (1,2) or (2)), and matches that contain extra items (for example:(1,2,3,4) or (2,3,7,1)).

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Use itertools.permutations() to generate all permutations of a list:

from itertools import permutations

if any(tuple(perm) in yourdictionary for perm in permutations(yourlist)):
    # match found

but you really want to rethink your data structure. If you made your keys frozenset() objects instead, you simply would test for:

if frozenset(yourlist) in yourdictionary:
    # match found

which would be a lot faster.


>>> from itertools import permutations
>>> yourdictionary = {(1,3,2):'text',(3,1,2):'text'}
>>> yourlist = [1, 2, 3]
>>> print any(tuple(perm) in yourdictionary for perm in permutations(yourlist))
>>> yourdictionary = {frozenset([1, 2, 3]): 'text', frozenset([4, 5, 6]): 'othertext'}
>>> frozenset(yourlist) in yourdictionary
>>> frozenset([2, 3]) in yourdictionary
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Yeah, now that you point it out. it seems rediculous that I didn't just change the format to an organized one. Thanks a lot. – user2543682 Jul 6 '13 at 23:15

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