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This is a general question not pertaining to a code I've written. I was wondering how you get a code to print out something like, script successful if it had an exit status of 0 or script failed if it doesn't. I know I've read that somewhere before but I can't recall where. I'm just looking for the python function that handles the exit codes. Thanks!

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Personally I would organize your code into functions, like:

def download_image(url):
    # code to get image goes here
    # save image to disk
    # get file size or check if it exists
    if file_ok:
        return True
        return False

Then your main function looks something like this:

def main():
    url = 'http://www.reddit.com/images/logo.png'
    if download_image(url):
        print('script successful!')
        print('download failed...')

It is by having nice, modular code, where individual parts are responsible for small jobs, that you will have lots of opportunity to check for failures and successes.

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You could use try-except, something like this.

Set some path of your script to be executed.

file_path = "C:\\python\\your_script.py"

    #Execute the script
    print 'script successful'

except Exception, err:
    print 'Error from your_script: ', err
    print 'script failed'

Useful article for Python Exception Handling Techniques.


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