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I am a beginner PHP writer so please bear with me.

I have a simple situation that is sort of like this:

Line 1 $output .= 'ABC'

Line 2 $output .= 'DEFGHIJKLMN'

Line 3 echo $output;

Now, the code within my 'DEFGHIJKLMN' string has become super long. I am thinking about moving the content of 'DEFGHIJKLMN' to an external file for ease of editing, and somehow make the new file append to the end of $output.

So now I need to edit Line 2 to target the external file.

Please let me know how to do this, thank you.

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Well, to append the contents of a file, use

$output .= file_get_contents("path_to_my_file.txt");

If you just want to break it across multiple source lines, do

$output .= "Long Line 123".
           "Continues here";
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You must have an $output variable in your code somewhere in a file you included. You can overwrite the variable like this:

$output = 'ABC';

instead of

$output .= 'ABC';

so your code could look like:

$output = 'ABC';
$output .= 'DEFGHIJKLMN';
echo $output;

or just change your variable name. That's what I would do. I also wouldn't see a need to concatenate this String.

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