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Recently I've been trying to get my Adobe Air AS3 Android game to work with Google Play Game Services. I'm using the Milkman Native Extension and Flashdevelop.

I made my own sign in button, and when I press it the standard "Sign in with your account" window with all my accounts appears. The first time I sign in with an account it even gives me the standard options to share my game status to my Google+ circles. Then, when I do try to log in, the service shows the standard spinning progress wheel, then disappears, the "Signed in as PLAYER" box doesn't show up, and I'm not logged in. The ANE tells me that it's an unknown_error_code.

Things I've noticed:

  • It doesn't let me see a list of achievements or leaderboards either.

  • After the first time I log in it just tries to log me in again indefinitely.

  • The "Apps using google+ data" shows it as a "3rd party app" and not the actual title of the app. EDIT: It now displays it as the correct app for some reason. Still doesn't sign me in though...

  • I'm pretty sure this isn't a coding problem.

Things I've tried:

  • Matching the SHA1 key with the SHA1 key from my p12 key.

  • Logging into different accounts.

  • Making my accounts tester accounts.

  • Using non tester accounts.

  • Making new Game Service pages

  • Making new application pages

  • Changing my app I.D. (com.blank.mygame)

  • Clearing the "Apps using google+ data"

  • Making the Version Number of the game higher than the most recent test account

  • Making new Google+ accounts

  • Syncing my app to the services page.

  • Desyncing my app from the services page.

  • Making new OAuth 2.0 client I.D.s.

  • Publishing the game services.

Any suggestions?

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Now I can answer my question officially:

I fixed it. Apparently if you go to the API console and change the Oauth from there the game services doesn't detect it. I originally put in the wrong SHA1 and fixed it through the API and not the google services developer console. (it's problem #6 which is really n)

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I was having the same problem, and I solved it by changing the App/Package ID at the Google Developer Console from:


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I had simliar issue - the app was asking for permition, but it triggered onSignInFailed event.

Tried several things, the problem was with runtime enviroment - everything works correctly when I include it to application. (I was using separate AIR runtime enviroment to decrease the time of publishing the app)

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