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I have two questions regarding Lucene 4.0: 1) I would like to change sorting in Lucene, so I created my own tfidf class and then called TermStats constructor

    ts[t] = new TermStats( contents[t].field,contents[t].termtext, contents[t].docFreq, tfidf);

but the message is

    TermStats(String,BytesRef,int,long) is not public in TermStats; cannot be accessed from outside package

Does anybody know, whether I really do not have a way to change it?

2) Does Lucene, indeed, calculate tf*idf or just term frequency (tf)? I am asking because I have read about just term frequency but the contructor accepts docFreq which is related with idf.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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1 - Generally, you would rely on Lucene to pass TermStatistics objects into the computeWeight method of your custom Similarity implementation, rather than constructing them yourself.

If you need to acquire them directly, you could accomplish that by calling IndexSearcher.termStatistics (you'll need to pass in the appropriate TermContext to that call, created using the static method TermContext.build).

2 - Yes, Lucene's DefaultSimilarity is an implementation of it's TFIDFSimilarity, which, as implied, does factor in idf scoring.

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Thank you so much for your quick answer! Ok, so to sum up the ranking that Lucene retuns is a result of a tf*idf calculation. In any case, if I would like to affect it, I would apply my calculations on top of Lucene's ranking without calling any TermStats extractor. I tried it implementing my own TFIDF class. I have to feed this class with termfrequency and other parameters. To get termfrequency I use termStats[t].totalTermFreq but it always returns zero. Whilst termStats[t].docFreq returns the number of docs the term appears. Do you have any idea why is that happening? Thank you. –  user2008973 Jul 8 '13 at 9:35
Another thiing that I realize is that termStats[t].totalTermFreq does not return termfrequency but it is Lucene's result for tf*idf. If this is true, then a) why I am getting always zero and b) how can I get simple TF without IDF? –  user2008973 Jul 8 '13 at 9:37
a) At a guess, the terms aren't indexed correctly for this. Are you indexing the field with at least FieldInfo.IndexOptions.DOCS_AND_FREQS? b) To use the default scoring algorithm without idf scoring: Create a custom Similarity, Extending DefaultSimilarity, and override the method idf with one that simply returns 1.0. –  femtoRgon Jul 8 '13 at 19:13

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