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I am writing a program to change the color of various portions of a picture. In this case the top and bottom thirds of an image.

I can change the bottom third, but for some reason the program is not recognising if (y<h/3)I have tried putting an actual number in place of this, and varied the way I am coding the color change.

Can someone please point out (the probably very obvious) mistake I am making.

def changeByThirds(pic):
  w= getWidth (pic)
  h = getHeight(pic)

  newPic = makeEmptyPicture(w,h)
  for x in range (0,w):
    for y in range (0,h):
      pxl = getPixel(pic, x, y)

      if (y<h/3):
        newPxl= getPixel (newPic, x, y)
        color = makeColor(getRed(pxl)*0.1, getGreen(pxl), getBlue(pxl))
        setColor ( newPxl, color)

      if (y>(h*2/3)):
        newPxl= getPixel (newPic, x, y)
        color = makeColor(getRed(pxl), getGreen(pxl), 0)  
        setColor ( newPxl, color)

        newPxl = getPixel (newPic, x, y)
        color = getColor(pxl)
        setColor ( newPxl, color)

  return (newPic)

def do():
  file = pickAFile()
  pic = makePicture(file)
  newPic = changeByThirds(pic)
  writePictureTo(newPic, r"D:\FOLDER\0pic3.jpg")
  explore (newPic)
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You need to use elif, not if, in your second block:

  if (y<h/3): 

  elif (y>(h*2/3)):  #<-- change if to elif


Otherwise, the final else gets executed even when y < h/3.

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It is not bypassing the first if. That if-block is getting executed. But then it encounters the second if..else statement, it evaluates y>(h*2/3) as False, and so it also executes the else-block. Those statements overwrite the work done by the first if-block. – unutbu Jul 7 '13 at 11:47
I know learning can be frustrating, but just keep trying. The best lessons we learn come from making mistakes. – unutbu Jul 7 '13 at 12:15

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