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How can i get all loggers used used in log4j2? In log4j i could use getCurrentLoggers like described here: Number of loggers used

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looks like i've found the way:

File configFile = new File("c:\\my_path\\log4j2.xml");
LoggerContext loggerContext = Configurator.initialize("my_config", null, configFile.toURI());
Configuration configuration = loggerContext.getConfiguration();
Collection<LoggerConfig> loggerConfigs = configuration.getLoggers().values();
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If you are running in a web app, you may have multiple LoggerContexts. Please take a look at how LoggerConfigs are exposed via JMX in the org.apache.logging.log4j.core.jmx.Server class.

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10x. will check it. –  YuriR Jul 9 '13 at 7:24

get all loggers used in log4j2:

LoggerContext logContext = (LoggerContext) LogManager
Map<String, LoggerConfig> map = logContext.getConfiguration()
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YuriR's answer is incomplete in that it does not point that LoggerConfig objects are returned, not Logger. This is the fundamental difference between Log4j1 and Log4j2 - Loggers cannot be dirrectly manipulated in Log4j2. See Log4j2 Architecture for details.

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