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I want to get the name of a place (similar to Foursquare or Google Maps) from my current location using Maps API in Windows Phone 8. I can already get my current location using the code from this tutorial.

Can anybody help me?

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You can use the ReverseGeocodeQuery class.

var rgc = new ReverseGeocodeQuery();
rgc.QueryCompleted += rgc_QueryCompleted;
rgc.GeoCoordinate = myGeoCoord; //or create new gc with your current lat/lon info 

You can then get the data from within your rgc_QueryCompleted event handler using the Result property of the event args passed in.

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can you explain me more about this? – blueboyz Jul 8 '13 at 4:39
What would you like to know? It's simply creating a new object, attaching the event handler so that you know when it's completed, setting the coordinate to look for and then starting the process. – keyboardP Jul 8 '13 at 11:27

If @keyboardP answer wasn't sufficient enough, here's (hopefully) working example to get the information about your location. There's no "name" property you could look up, at least not from the API's side.

public async Task<MapLocation> ReverseGeocodeAsync(GeoCoordinate location)
    var query = new ReverseGeocodeQuery { GeoCoordinate = location };

    if (!query.IsBusy)
        var mapLocations = await query.ExecuteAsync();
        return mapLocations.FirstOrDefault();
    return null;

For this to work you'll need to add the following extension method for async query (from blog)

public static class GeoQueryExtensions
    public static Task<T> ExecuteAsync<T>(this Query<T> query)
        var taskSource = new TaskCompletionSource<T>();

        EventHandler<QueryCompletedEventArgs<T>> handler = null;

        handler = (sender, args) =>
            query.QueryCompleted -= handler;

            if (args.Cancelled)
            else if (args.Error != null)

        query.QueryCompleted += handler;

        return taskSource.Task;
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