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Reading the documentation in Breeze website, to retrieve a single entity have to use the fetchEntityByKey.

manager.fetchEntityByKey(typeName, id, true)

Problem 1: Metadata

When trying to use this method, an error is displayed because the metadata has not yet been loaded. More details about the error here.

The result is that whenever I need to retrieve a single entity, have to check if the metadata is loaded.

manager = new breeze.EntityManager(serviceName);
successFn = function(xhr) {}
failFn = function(xhr) {};
executeQueryFn = function() {
  return manager.fetchEntityByKey(typeName, id, true).then(successFn).fail(failFn);
if (manager.metadataStore.isEmpty()) {
  return manager.fetchMetadata().then(executeQueryFn).fail(failFn);
} else {
  return executeQueryFn();


How can I extend the breeze, creating a Get method to check if metadata is loaded, and if not, load it?

Problem 2: OData and EntitySetController

I would use the OData standard (with EntitySetController) in my APIs.
This page in Breeze documentation shows how, then follow this tutorial to deploy my app with OData.

The problem as you can see here and here, is that the EntitySetController follows the odata pattern, to retrieve an entity must use odata/entity(id), or to retrieve all entities you can use `odata/entity'.


In controller:

public class passosController : EntitySetController<Passo>
    public string Metadata()
        return ContextProvider.Metadata();

    [HttpGet, Queryable(AllowedQueryOptions = AllowedQueryOptions.All, PageSize = 20)]
    public override IQueryable<T> Get()
        return Repositorio.All();

    protected override T GetEntityByKey(int key)
        return Repositorio.Get(key);

When I use:

manager = new breeze.EntityManager("/odata/passos");
manager.fetchEntityByKey("Passo", 1, true)

The url generated is: /odata/passos/Passos?$filter=Id eq 1
The correct should be: /odata/passos(2)


How can I modify Breeze for when use fetchEntityByKey to retrieve entity use odata/entity(id)?

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