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Would it be technically possible to build a pdf splitter on appengine or is there some part of it that couldn't be done? I was thinking of a function where you just upload the pdf file, choose which pages you want and the output is e.g. one chapter from a book and this can be done online. I think it can be a good service but I don't know whether it is technically feasible or whether the best choice first this would be Java, Python, PHP or Go?

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I cannot see why not. Splitting a PDF should be possible in all 4 languages so it's up to you what you pick. I know that Python performs faster than Java. PHP doesn't sound like a good fit for me and Go isn't that widely used.

I'd go with Python. There is also a Python library that allows you to split a PDF.

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Great! Thank you for the answer. –  Niklas Rtz Jul 7 '13 at 18:01

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