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I am writing a module which has rather large number of functions that need to be exported. Also this module has a large number of data constructions.

Suppose my module contains the following:

module MyUtils (A(..), B(..),C(..),D(..),f1,f2,f3,f4,f5,f6) where
--Data constructors
data A = ...
data B = ...
data C = ...
data D = ...
f1 :: A -> B
f2 :: A -> B -> C
f3 :: A -> B -> D
f4 :: A -> B -> A
f5 :: A -> B -> B
f6 :: A -> B

I saw the Data.Map source here It shows it is exporting a large number of functions in a very big list.

But If I want to export everything, can it be done with a yet shortcut method, something like,

module MyUtils (..) where


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Yes, just leave out the (..) entirely. By default, all names are exported.

module MyUtiles where

If there are a large number of functions you want to export alongside a small number of functions you want to hide, it's best to put the hidden ones in another module and import it.

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