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I have call this method but when the data return, it returns a None below the data. How can i prevent that ?

def weather_Connection(interval,apikey):

    print print_forecast('Choa Chu Kang',get_response('/forecast/apikey/1.394557,103.746396'))
    print print_forecast('Yishun',get_response('/forecast/apikey/1.429463,103.84022'))
    print print_forecast('Redhill',get_response('/forecast/apikey/1.289732,103.81675'))
    print print_forecast('Jalan Besar',get_response('/forecast/apikey/1.312426,103.854317'))
    print print_forecast('Jurong West',get_response('/forecast/apikey/1.352008,103.698599'))
    print print_forecast('Tampines',get_response('/forecast/apikey/1.353092,103.945229')) 

Data return in this way

cloudCover : 0.75
dewPoint: 24.87
humidity: 80.00
icon : partly-cloudy-night
ozone : 276.67
precipIntensity : 0
precipProbability : 0
pressure : 1009.61
summary : Dry and Mostly Cloudy
temperature: 28.56
visibility : 6.21
windBearing : 127
windSpeed : 4.57
psiAverage : 20
latitude : 1.394557
longitude : 103.746396
location : Choa Chu Kang
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2 Answers

You are printing the return value of your function, and printing inside the function. Remove the print statement you are using to print the return value of the call.

Where you do:

print weather_Connection(interval, api_key)

remove the print:

weather_Connection(interval, api_key)

A function in Python always has a return value, even if you do not use a return statement, defaulting to None:

>>> def foo(): pass  # noop function
>>> print foo()

The alternative is to not use print in your function, but return a string instead:

def weather_Connection(interval,apikey):
    result = [
        print_forecast('Choa Chu Kang',get_response('/forecast/apikey/1.394557,103.746396')),
        print_forecast('Jalan Besar',get_response('/forecast/apikey/1.312426,103.854317')),
        print_forecast('Jurong West',get_response('/forecast/apikey/1.352008,103.698599')),
    return '\n'.join(result)
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Remove the print() call, the function is returning None.

The default return value of a function is None in python. If you're printing inside a function and not returning anything from it then there's no need of print() when calling the function.


>>> def func():
...     print ("foo")
>>> print(func())
>>> func()      #works fine without `print()`
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