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I have a scene that is modified when mouse left button is clicked.

My problem is: this modified scene was supposed to appear with a sound, but the scene waits the sounds to finish before it renders itself.

I'm using this function:

do {
        alGetSourcei(source, AL_SOURCE_STATE, &state);
 } while (state == AL_PLAYING);

Of course, this function tells the program to wait. But what alternative could I use? if I remove this function, the sound isnt played

I even tried to create a function sound(), that is called after glutPostRedisplay but it still waits the sound complete to render

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I think your problem, that the sounds stop, is somewhere else. alGetSourcei is not required to keep the sound playing.

Anyway you can't do that in a while loop because it will block the update of the windows messages and OpenGL and will prevent the scene from redrawing.

To play it you just need to call alSourcePlay, after this you could check each frame if the source is still playing ( if you need to do this for some reason ).

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Yep, that works :) –  Frank Progamer Jul 8 '13 at 0:00

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