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I am trying to create a web application for facebook and I want to have the possibility to publish different actions. To create the app I'm using Spring Social Facebook API binding which has a method of OpenGraphOperation interface that should publish actions: publishAction(java.lang.String action, java.lang.String objectType, java.lang.String objectUrl). I am unclear on how and what I should define as objectUrl, and how to create a specific object in my application? I saw that there is another question here similar but without a solution


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What actions are we talking about here? – Markus Coetzee Jul 24 '13 at 13:01

The object of the action is the target of the action and therefore objectUrl locates that object.

If you want to create an action representing someone rating a book then in the context of

publishAction(java.lang.String action, java.lang.String objectType, java.lang.String objectUrl)

you might have for example action=rate_that_book, objectType=book and objectUrl=

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An objectUrl is simply a link to the page that contains your object definition.

you can refer to creating object section from this link

You will also need to configure your namespace, action, object and story in your app management

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