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I am using jquery reveal plugin for showing pop-up. I am looking for a way in jquery or javascript by which I can trigger an appropriate event when that popup was closed by pressing esc key or clicking outside of pop-up. Is there any way by which I can capture this event?

And on reveal plugin website only few options are given, like:

 animation: 'fadeAndPop',                   //fade, fadeAndPop, none
 animationspeed: 300,                       //how fast animtions are
 closeonbackgroundclick: true,              //if you click background will modal close?
 dismissmodalclass: 'close-reveal-modal'    //the class of a button or element that will close an open modal

Are there any more options for this plugin? If so, please provide me link for that.

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According to the source an Event called 'reveal:close' is fired in both cases and you should be able to add your own handler for that event through

$yourModal.bind('reveal:close', function () {
  console.log('Modal closed');

When you need to know in which way it was closed you could use the 'reveal:open' event to add either a keyup event handler on the document-object or a click event handler on the .reveal-modal-bg element.

$yourModal.bind('reval:open', function () {
  var $document = $(document);
  $document.bind('keyup', function onEscHandler( event ) {
    if (event.which === 27) {
      console.log('closed by ESC');

      // Modal is closed, let's remove the handler again
      $document.unbind('keyup', onEscHandler);

  var $modal_bg = $('.reveal-modal-bg');
  $'click', function onBgClidkHandler() {
    console.log('closed by click on BG');
    // We don't need to remove this handler since 'one' does it automatically.
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Thanks man, great answer – Abhi Jul 8 '13 at 4:22
  1. Open jquery.reveal.js.

  2. Add new option:

    var defaults = {
    animation: 'fadeAndPop', animationspeed: 300, closeonbackgroundclick: true, dismissmodalclass: 'close-reveal-modal' escape: true // true: modal close with Esc. false: modal no close with Esc };

  3. In the file jquery.validate, find the line that content e.which===27.

    Complete line is:

    if(e.which===27){ modal.trigger('reveal:close'); }

  4. Modify and validate new option escape in this line:

    if(e.which===27 && options.escape === true){ modal.trigger('reveal:close'); }

  5. That's it. Now the escape option works.

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