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I read something about Unity entegration to Eclipse and writing plugins for Unity. I entegrated this two programs. And I want to create a livewallpaper. Click:HERE

I have two questions;

1. I created a simple game object in Unity(for example:animated cube) and I used these steps on Unity forum.(Click:HERE) That's okey. But when I created .apk file(animated cube),this apk file is so big. That's mean this simple cube's apk file has 8-9 megabyte. It's really big value for a simple cube.

I think this apk file so big because of Unity to Eclipse integration steps using Unity libray.
*(Step 8: Add the classes.jar library to the Library references for your new project. (In properties, go to Java_Build_path->Libraries, select "Add External Jar...", navigate to UNITY_INSTALLATION\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\and roidplayer\bin and add classes.jar))*

My Question : How can I create a small size apk file using Unity forum's steps.(less than 8-9 megabyte apk file)

2. Let's say I created a animated cube application for android phones with using Eclipse,how can I change this project to "livewallpaper" form. I want to create livewallpaper but I cannot change this normal application to livewallpaper form.

PS = This plugin create livewallpaper Unity to Eclipse but it's not free.I want to do something like this plugins doing. Plugin is here. Click.

Sorry my bad English. I have tried to explain my problems. Any tips? (You can ask me misunderstanding parts on my questions.)

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I am not sure about how to create live wallpaper, but the links i provided give the quickest and most in depth coverage of how to make a unity plugin for the android. –  The Lazy Coder Sep 17 '13 at 16:17

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Unity plugin for android.

This one creates the base plugin, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1Mle2ERiuQ

This one hooks you back into unity from the plugin, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbACRV2S_8Q

This one actually gives you the main action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l64nUGt0l0

Watch them in high definition, this guy does not talk in them, but the code all works.

If he does not release the projects tho I may release them myself.

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I just checked the firsts video it was good but I am confused how, content of the Start() gets called when PluginController.cs is not attached to any game object? –  Dinal24 Mar 17 at 14:34
These videos are built off the previous ones. As you can see the video removes a lot of code, enclosing it in a "#if UNITY_IPHONE" preprocessor directive. This is because the project is a continuation of the iphone project prior to it. –  The Lazy Coder Mar 17 at 17:25

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