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I am creating a AJAX Extender Control and would like to pass a value back to the server on post-back.

Are ExtenderControlProperties two-way? If not, is there any way of making them two way?

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Apparently the ExtenderControlProperties are not two-way. I solved this using a hiddenfield. This is how I implemented it.

I put this In the extender

    protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e)
        HiddenFieldId = ClientID + "_HiddenValue";
        Page.ClientScript.RegisterHiddenField(HiddenFieldId, "");

    public string HiddenFieldId
        get { return GetPropertyValue("HiddenFieldId", ""); }
        set { SetPropertyValue("HiddenFieldId", value); }

    public string HiddenFieldValue
        get { return Page.Request.Form[HiddenFieldId]; }

and this in the behaviour

//In the prototype
get_HiddenFieldId: function() {
    return this._hiddenFieldId;
set_HiddenFieldId: function(value) {
    this._hiddenFieldId = value;

//In the initialisation
this._hiddenFieldId = null;  

//In my method when I want to set the hidden value.
document.getElementById(this._hiddenFieldId).value = valueToSet;
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