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Let's say that you have a navigation view controller hierarchy like this:

A => B => C

The user spends most of their time in B, hopping over to C only when it's their turn to supply input.

If their turn comes up while the app is backgrounded, they get a local notification. Tapping on that local notification should take them straight to C.

In my current implementation, when the user taps on the local notification, the AppDelegate receives it via application:didReceiveLocalNotification:. It then finds B and instructs it to segue to C.

If the app has been unloaded, however, this won't work. When the user eventually acts upon the local notification, the app receives it through application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:, meaning that it has to start all the way back at A.

Since this problem generalizes to one about “deep linking” to a particular state of an app, my question is:

What's your best strategy for “deep linking” to A => B => C in response to a local notification having been acted upon, given that the current state of the app could be anything?

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