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I have 4 div, a b c d, use Jquery toggle to open and close, each one close by it self.

There is also one button can close and open all.

However if user click 'b' first, than click 'close all' button. it will become. a, c, d close, b open. Is any way to make one button hide than change function to show?




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So if b is closed and you click the 'all' button, what do want to happen? Should everything open? Or close? What if they were all closed but one? –  Sean Redmond Jul 8 '13 at 0:49

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$(".toggle").click(function () {

var io = 0;
$("#collapse").click(function () {       

where also, if you like, instead of 'show':'hide' you can use 'slideDown':'slideUp' http://jsfiddle.net/vyPHZ/3/

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You can use one extra class for the state of the $.content, then check it when deciding to hide or show:


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