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I've tried to follow these steps to get venkman in my xul application:

  1. Get Venkman from addons.mozilla.org To download the package, right-click the install link and save the package locally. (got the newest version).
  2. Create a directory /distribution/bundles/venkman. Unzip the package into that directory.
  3. Add <script src="chrome://venkman/content/venkman-overlay.js" /> to one of your XUL windows.
  4. Add UI to open Venkman to your window (it could be a menu item or a toolbar button). Make it call start_venkman() when activated.

Not sure where to create the distribution directory, I've tried in the same directory as my application.ini in chrome and in chrome/content but when I try to include the script as in step 3 I get:

No chrome package registered for chrome://venkman/content/venkman-overlay.js

And step 4 gives me:

Error: ReferenceError: start_venkman is not defined

I start my application using the following command:

firefox.exe --app application.ini -jsconsole

Changed the BuildID in my application.ini a couple of times but that didn't change anything.

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Those instructions are for using XULRunner. Do you get the same error when using that instead of the Firefox binary? –  Charles Jul 8 '13 at 16:27
Thank you for your reply, I've created the distribution directory in C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox and now I don't get the No chrome package registered for chrome://venkman/content/venkman-overlay.js but when trying to open the venkman window when I click a button I still get: Error: ReferenceError: start_venkman is not defined –  HMR Jul 9 '13 at 0:57
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Created the directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\distribution\bundles and copied the venkman directory in there.

In my xul window I added:

<script src="test.js" />
<button label="Press Me"

The content of test.js is:

function toOpenWindowByType(inType, uri) {
  var winopts = "chrome,extrachrome,menubar,resizable,scrollbars,status,toolbar";
  window.open(uri, "_blank", winopts);

When I click the button the Venkman window opens.

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