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I have an ASP.Net Dynamic Data linq-to-SQL website with two tables I'm generating a gridview for. System_States and System_Counties. In System_Counties there's a foreign key that points to the state it's in, in the System_States table. In order to have a user friendly table and column name, I have

public partial class System_State

public class StateMetadata

Which works nicely, but now I've lost the auto-pluralization used by Linq-to-SQL. Before I used DisplayName, The States table had System_States over it, but the column in the Counties grid showing which state it was in said System_State. But now with [DisplayName("States")] both the States table header and the County column name are "States." Is there a built in way for me to still have a plural and singular name when using DisplayName?

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I created a custom meta attribute to handle single and plural usage :



public partial class Budget { }

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