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I am part of about a half dozen development teams that have Apple developer accounts for the iOS program. In general, it just asks me for which team I want to be active on when I log in to the website, and Xcode actually updates ALL teams when I ask to refresh the provisioning profiles.

However, I seem to have a problem. One of the teams I am on is needing to update their contracts with Apple and the team agent has not yet gotten around to it (that team's current project kind of on hold while the client squares away some marketing stuff so no one has felt the need to worry about it I guess and I have not been able to get ahold of the guy).

The problem is that Xcode checks that teams provisioning profiles for update before it gets to another team that I am actively involved with, and when it gets to the team with the contract issues, it seems to stop after I hit the OK in the dialog, and not continue with the rest of the teams and update their profiles. So I have not been able to get Xcode to update the profiles for the stuff I am actually working on at the moment.

I would be interested in work arounds for this (besides manually doing it all, which I will be doing anyway so I can get back to work). Is there a way to force Xcode to download the stuff for a specific team or get it to ignore issues and keep downloading stuff for all teams I am on, and just ignoring the "bad" teams?

I'll log this with Apple but am interested in work arounds if any exist to get the system to update profiles.

FWIW I am on Xcode 4.6 . I'll go and update Xcode to the latest I guess (I try to avoid Xcode updates before launch on critical projects near the end of the project in case something breaks)

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